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Ballistars Overview

Ballistars is a prototype for a multiplayer physics & action based collectible card game. The game and its accompanying cards are largely based on everyday household items and toys. Each faction will have a few unique gameplay mechanics, with cards ranging from Pirates & Toy Army Men to wackier possibilities like Fruit and Sports Ball based decks. Each faction will have their own unique map with special geometry and hazards.

Cards have a mana cost, attack and health value and damage is dealt in the same way as Hearthstone to keep it as simple and easy to understand. The complexity and depth will come in with deckbuilding and CCG skill, as well as aiming and shooting skills similar to a Pool game e.g. achieving ricochets and bounces for double attacks.

The game is currently an early concept prototype with placeholder art and assets, I am also constantly learning and improving my Unity and C# skills. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy playing!

Gameplay and Prototype Tips

  • The prototype is played by one player, pressing the End Turn button will effectively skip your opponent's turn, you will draw a card and begin your next turn.
  • Select Cards by clicking them in your hand when you have enough mana.
  • Minions can only damage enemy minions and vice versa unless specified.


Movement and Card/Unit Selection - Mouse

Launcher & Card Movement (only certain cards) - Arrow Keys

Launcher Fire & Certain Card Actions - Spacebar e.g. RC Car Handbrake

Camera Selection - 1,2,3 buttons (top left) and Z,X,C Keys

Exit/Restart - Exit/Restart buttons (top right) or R Key.

Specific Card Descriptions

  • Minions can attack by dragging them once on your turn. When minions can attack, their selection indicator will be green! Not all cards are minions, some are standard projectiles that can only be shot out of the cannon/launcher:
    • Army Man, Magic Ball (Special), Sytrax and Zes.
  • Controllable Cards (Arrow Keys)
    • RC Car - Drive around with Arrow Keys.
    • Paper Airplane - Fly around with Arrow Keys for a certain duration.
    • Oglebog - Move Left and Right during flight.
    • Icarog - Move up and down during flight.
  • Trophy Cards (Trophy Cards spawn targets upon card selection, if you successfully hit the target with this projectile you will be awarded a trophy that sits on the right-hand side of the table. These will give you certain benefits in the full game.
    • Basketball - Shoot the Hoop (Perfect Shot: 64° at 100%)
    • Arrow - Hit the Target (Perfect Shot: 30° at 100%)
    • Baseball - Hit the Enemy Hero i.e. Throw around or over the bat (which would be controlled by the opponent in full game).

Future Features and Improvements

  • In terms of gameplay mechanics, one card type I have designed is 2-player minigame style Duel cards.
    • Example: Tank Battle - 'Duel: Spawn a Tank for each player, the winner receives a trophy.'
    • When a player plays a Duel card, both players will face-off in a short real-time action minigame, the victor receives a trophy that benefiits them i.e. added score. Duel cards are symmetrical affects so are mostly intended for fun play, however the spellcaster can manipulate the game state to make playing them favourable i.e. they may have better cover for their Tank on their side of the board.
  • Hero Powers are something that I am looking to test.
  • True Multiplayer & Controller Support amongst many other features.


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